Our Mission

Our Focus is to Improve Women's Health in Uganda by Combining Surgical Equipment,

Training Camps, and Research.



The “brain drain” of hard working, well-educated physicians and nurses occurs in many low-resource countries. In Uganda, even well educated individuals struggle to put food on the table and provide their children with a good education which forces them to seek work in the developed world.  

Africa bears 25% of the global burden of disease with only 2% of the global health workforce.

At the national referral center in Uganda, Mulago Hospital, health care providers are constantly overwhelmed constant flow of emergencies. There are not sufficient medical supplies, surgical equipment, or supervising physicians to care for all woman with acute issues, nonetheless those with benign disease.

The majority of women suffering from gynecological issues are currently left untreated.

*Examples of gynecological issues:

- large fibroid uteri causing hemorrhage at the time of menstruation and resulting in severe anemia

- vesiculo-vagina/ recto-vaginal fistula causing constant seepage of urine or feces and results in isolation from family and tribe.

- uterine prolapse causing ulceration and infection- pelvic mass causing acute abdominal pain and gastrointestinal issues.


Combining the delivery of surplus surgical equipment and training camps for resident physicians will increase the number of Ugandan women treated for gynecological issues as well as improve the efficiency and complexity of surgeries performed at Mulago Hospital.  These efforts towards capacity building will ultimately give the Ugandan health care providers the resources and skills to care for the women of Uganda.